Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Swift ... not yet

The programming language Swift -- announced at WWDC 2014 by Apple -- looks fine at first sight.

BUT: The standard library is very sparse. The reference documentation of the swift standard library is only about 50 pages, most things are missing.

So you have to fall back to the the Objective C runtime, in order to get something done. The automatic binding is fine, but there is so much friction between the layers, that all the fine parts of swift -- safety, expressiveness, automatic memory handling -- are covered in the end.

Apple has still a long way to go in order to implement a standard environment, which is safe and fun to use.

For instance
My personal verdict: If you are not an expert in the peculiarities of Apple Objective C Runtime you have no chance to use swift productively right now. So there is no point in using it.

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